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Drew Robertson Music Studio, L.L.C.

Parent and Student Portal

Student Highlights

  • 8/19 - Congratulations to Alex, Sophia S, Allison, Mia, Ethan, and Adelaide for a fun fiddle performance at the Dale City Farmers' Market!
  • 8/17 - Please welcome Dominic and Natasha to the studio!
  • 8/3 - Congratulations to Allison, Ethan, Mia, Emma, James, Bitan, Eva, and Sophia E for an outstanding performance on for First Friday Manassas!
  • 7/23 - Excellent work to Alex in the Advanced Music Theory class at George Mason University!
  • 7/22 - Congratulations to Sophia S for an outstanding performance at the Dale City Farmers' Market!
  • 7/16 - Excellent work to Allison, Ethan, Alex, and Mia who are participating in Mr. Drew's Introduction to Music Theory Class at the George Mason University's Mason Community Arts Academy!
  • 7/14 - Please welcome July's new students at the studio: Sungbin, Mia, Sophia F, Natasha, Jayden, and Ezra!
  • 7/6 - Great job to everyone who performed at July's First Friday Manassas concert!  Congratulations to James, Emma, Sophia E, Jane, Julia, Eva, Allison, Mia, Ethan, and Alex!  Fantastic playing!

upcoming Events

  • 8/24 - YOPW, JRO, & SRO Mock Audition and Masterclass
  • 8/25 - YOPW Summer Auditions
  • 9/1 - Summer Studio Recital and Pre-Twinkle Final Concert
  • 9/7 - First Friday Manassas
  • 9/16 - Sunday Group Classes Begin!
  • 9/20 - MCAA Classes and Chamber music begin!
  • 9/22 - Senior Regional Orchestra Auditions
  • 10/6 - Junior Regional Orchestra Auditions

Group Class Dates (Sundays)

Fall group classes will begin on Sunday, 9/16!

Studio Calendar

Junior and Senior Regional Auditions

If you are interested in auditioning for Junior (up to 9th grade) or Senior (9th grade or above) regional ensemble, please download the materials below and visit the website for all the audition details.

  • Junior Regional Auditions will be held at Farmwell Station Middle School on Saturday, October 6, 2018
    • Students will need to play F Major and a harmonic minor scales in two octaves
    • Audition excerpts can be found here for viola and violin (any part of the piece may be selected)
  • Senior Regional Auditions will be held at Broad Run High School on Saturday, September 22, 2018.
    • Students may be asked to perform all major and melodic minor scales in the Virginia State bowing
    • Audition excerpts can be found here for viola and violin (Excerpts are indicated in brackets)

Recommended Summer Festivals and Institutes

Suzuki Institutes (listed by distance from the studio)

  • Greater Washington Suzuki Institute - June 25-29 - Arlington, VA (23 miles) - Website
  • Blue Ridge Suzuki Camp - June 17-22 - Orkney Springs, VA (98 miles) - Website
  • The Pennsylvania Suzuki Institute - July 22-28 - Harrisburg, PA (132 miles) - Website
  • North Carolina Suzuki Institute - July 8-13 - Greenville, NC (262 miles) - Website
  • Virginia Suzuki Institute - June 22-29 - Emory, VA (327 miles) - Website
  • Ithaca Suzuki Institute - June 24-July 6 - Ithaca, NY (344 miles) - Website
  • Hartt Suzuki Institute - August 6-10 - West Hartford, CT (375 miles) - Website
  • Phoenix Phest Grande - July 30-August 3 - Ypsilanti, MI (530 miles) - Website