Violin Beginnings Class

Mason Community Arts Academy

Spring 2019 - Drew Robertson

WEEK III - 3/14

  • Review

    • Parts of the violin

    • Sunflower Solfege

    • Moving between rest position and playing position

    • Playing the Ant Song

    • Playing GDG

  • New Material

    • Transposing GDG up to the higher strings - DAD and AEA songs

    • Introducing our five Twinkle rhythms

      • “Pepperoni Pizza” (or everybody down up)

      • “Ice Cream (shhh) Cone” (shhh is an essential silent rest where we do not play!)

      • “Strawberry Raspberry”

      • “Pineapple Pineapple”

      • “Watermelon Watermelon”

    • Learning the parts of the bow

    • Bow hold practice on a pencil - Two different ways!

      • Shake & flop, then step by step

      • Bow hold bunny, then “nibble” into a bow hold

      • Check your bow hold with finger dots - look “under the hood” to see if any dots are visible.

  • IMPORTANT - When building bow holds please consider these common problems:

    • The bow hold must be RELAXED - it should be so loose the bow nearly falls out of our hand

    • The pinky must be perched atop the stick of the bow. It will want to fall off the side of the bow or the joint will want to lock in place. Neither are what we need for a good bow hold!

    • The thumb must be bent and gently placed on the ferrule (silver piece next to the bow hair)

  • Composer of the week: Joseph Haydn

    • Violin Concerto in G Major - Link

    • Symphony No. 83 “Le Poule” - Link (Listen for the chicken theme at 1:05!)

    • Symphony No. 94, Mvt. II “Surprise” - Link (Listen for the surprise at 0:32!)