Parent Resources

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Just a collection of articles, handouts, and suggested reading for those wonderful parents who make the suzuki method work!

Getting Started: A Few Handouts Parents new to Suzuki

  • A list of the skills a child needs to successfully perform Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • A checklist of required materials.  Everything on the list should come to each lesson!
  • A helpful guide to all the parts of a violin
  • An outline for students of all the steps in a good setup
  • A handy parent guide for diagnosing and correcting basic setup issues

Parent Education Talk Handouts

Articles and Enrichment

Suzuki Materials

  • A synopsis of the Suzuki Early Childhood Education recommended listening list for children
  • A collection of Dr. Suzuki's speeches and short essays on Violin, teaching, and life.

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

  • A short and readable summary of current research describing the benefits of music education.
  • Poster for the above article
  • A summary of research describing the many benefits of structured musical study
  • Poster for the above article

Articles on Practicing

  • A quick True/False inventory to assess your practice habits
  • A beautiful and simple short ebook on taking the long-term view on practice.
  • Some great insights on quality practice.  This is a three-part article series.
  • A helpful guide to basic strategies to make your practice more effective