A Piano for the Studio

Why do we need a piano in the studio?

In a word, opportunity.

  • The opportunity to perform student book recitals and studio recitals with piano accompaniment.

  • The opportunity to host guest artist recitals, chamber concerts, and to hear Mr. Drew perform in recital.

  • The opportunity to provide supplemental classes such as eurhythmics and music theory, which require piano.

  • The opportunity to host masterclasses where students playing concerti can perform with ‘orchestral’ backing.

  • The opportunity to have accompanied group classes in preparation for performances and Suzuki institutes.

  • The opportunity to provide students with the experience to work with collaborative pianists and become more capable players.

What sort of instrument would be best?

We need a piano that sounds fantastic in every context from a Suzuki Book 1 recital with a 5-year-old soloist playing a 1/8 size violin to a combined group class recital with 25 students performing. It must be durable and have a quality action for years of playing. Since the temperature and humidity in the studio fluctuate dramatically, we need an instrument that requires little maintenance or tuning. Due to limited space in the Studio, the instrument needs to have a small footprint and facilitate clear sight-lines between soloists and collaborative pianists. Finally, with all our community performances, such as retirement home concerts, it would be ideal to have an instrument that is portable, and could be transported to other locations with little effort or risk of damage.

With all these musical, durability, space, environmental, and portability considerations, plus financial realities, it quickly became evident an acoustic instrument would not be a good fit for the studio, at least not initially. After considerable effort visiting piano shops, consulting with colleagues, and researching online, I have determined that the Nord Grand Piano would be the ideal fit for our studio. This is a digital grand piano with the key action directly from an acoustic Kawai grand piano. Nord pianos are incredibly durable and are renowned for their excellent tone. Purchasing one of these instruments represents an investment in the future of our studio and musical success for all students.

How can I help?

Please complete the donation form below to contribute to our piano fund. All our generous donors will be recognized at our Fall Studio Recital and donations over $100 will have their names engraved into a plaque displayed in the studio as a token of appreciation. All donations would be greatly appreciated and your contributions will support the musical development of countless students over many years!