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Weekly Group Class Outlines

  • Playing positions
  • Building the bow hold
  • Bow hold games
  • New bow hold games
  • How to move the bow
  • Open strings
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex had short arms
  • Bow playground and setting the square
  • Jumping between stickers; connecting the dots
  • Parts of the bow
  • The highway
  • "Pepperoni Pizza"
  • Bow hold challenge games
  • Bow hold contest - Collecting beans
  • Preparing the left hand
  • Preparing the left hand (continued)
  • "Floor Exercise"
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow patterns
  • Practicing complete setup
  • The Monkey Song
  • Finger charts
  • Monkey Song on A and E
  • Introducing the A Major Scale
  • Introducing the stop and set on the A string
  • Half & Whole Steps in finger patterns
  • Marshmallow thumb
  • Elbow elevator between A and E strings
  • Beginning Twinkle!
  • Form and Background of the piece
  • How to practice Twinkle

Supplemental Handouts and Posters

Getting Started

  • All the essential materials that should be in and on your violin case
  • A checklist of all the skills to master en route to Twinkle

Class Handouts

  • An student-friendly overview of the six steps to proper violin setup
  • The companion parent guide for the Pre-Twinkle Preflight Checklist
  • Our first finger pattern chart: Red Pattern on A and E strings.
  • Fingerings and lyrics for "The Monkey Song"
  • The full Red Pattern finger pattern on all four strings.
  • An overview of the three primary scales on the violin: A, D, and G Major.
  • An outline of the 6 Twinkle rhythms, and common challenges when differentiating them.

Practice Aids and Posters

  • A summary of the traits excellent violinists share.
  • A guided path to 100 repetitions on a practice spot, with emphasis on working slowly.
  • A fillable form to be given as a practice reward.
  • Buy a pad of these awesome forms HERE for $5.
  • Write prescriptions for your child's practice ailments.
  • Buy an Rx pad HERE for $5.
  • A practice log for practice points in our week 9 group class

Supplemental Twinkle Materials

A Variety of Twinkle Lyrics (coming soon)

Twinkle Recordings (Progressive)

Recommended Resources

Parent Education Session Handouts