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Featured artist: Todd M. Sprow

Artist Spotlight

tms stands for Todd M. Sprow.

My monogram appears in my work, but when you see my insignia you receive Passion, Art, Integrity, Talent, and Dedication; messages that resonate beyond pretty pictures.  This is why I tag my pieces as "more than" Pretty Pictures; to draw minds into realms of depth.  My collection has incredible range and diversity.

I have traveled from prodigy to surviving artist, and it has been an extreme journey with many ups and downs on my "Road of Life," but my mission is to reach heaven before leaving earth, and to try to lift others up along the way.  These depictions of living dreams are my way to create this happy reality.

Throughout Northern Virginia, you can find my works in local community centers, schools, playground installations.  The true location of My Art resides within the homes of those that can appreciate an Artist still rooted to his spirit.

Through my collaboration with Drew Robertson and his studio in Manassas Park, I hope to bring new dimensions to my world.  I am tremendously excited by this opportunity to display and share my original creations.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about tms.

Todd M.Sprow, Artist

Video - Collaboration and performance art