Violin Beginnings Class

Mason Community Arts Academy

Spring 2019 - Drew Robertson

Week I - 2/21

  • Welcome and introductions

  • Checking instrument sizing, quality, and setup

  • The bow is asleep for a few weeks; please leave it in the case!

  • Introducing rest position

    • Feet parallel and touching

    • Violin under right arm (elbow on the chinrest)

    • Bridge peeks out in front of elbow

    • Scroll tall and across from nose

    • Left hand relaxes on the high dot

    • Relaxed knees

  • Moving to playing position

    • ‘Unzip’ your toes and make a ‘V"‘

    • Waddle like a duck - feet shoulder-width apart

    • Relaxed knees

    • Polish the string on the high dot

    • Violin over your head like the Statue of Liberty

    • Flat violin comes in for a landing

    • Button rests on left side of the neck and feels your heartbeat

  • The Ant Song

    • Played with the left hand over the high dot, plucking open strings with the pinky (4th finger)

    • Each note should ring freely, so check that fingers are not obstructing the string!

  • Composer of the Week: J.S. Bach

    • Minuet No. 1 (From Suzuki Book 1) - Link

    • Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, Mvt. I - Link

    • Sonata No. 2 in a minor - Link