Violin Beginnings Class

Mason Community Arts Academy

Spring 2019 - Drew Robertson

Week II - 2/28

  • Review

    • What are the parts of the violin?

    • Reviewing rest position

    • Moving to playing position

    • Play the Ant Song with student solos

  • New Material

    • Our favorite rhythm: “Pepperoni Pizza” or “Everybody down up”

    • Sunflower solfege - Singing a Major scale up and down with the French syllables

      • Do (toes)

      • Re (shins)

      • Mi (knees)

      • Fa (thighs)

      • Sol (waist)

      • La (shoulders)

      • Si (head)

      • Do (hands above your head)

    • The High Dot (located at the harmonic on the A string, or about one inch above the shoulder of the violin on the fingerboard)

      • Tapping rhythms on the high dot with fingers to begin finding finger position

      • Thumb should be relaxed, fingers landing perpendicular to strings

  • Composer of the Week: Vivaldi

    • Concerto in a minor (from Suzuki Book 4) - Link

    • The Four Seasons: Summer - Link

    • Concerto for four violins - Link