The Drew Robertson Music Studio

9137 Manassas Drive

Manassas Park, Virginia

The Drew Robertson Music Studio is an intensive, exciting, and holistic training ground where student artists hone their musical abilities and increase their knowledge on musical topics.  Students perform regularly in studio class, community outreach events, and in recital.  Through the study of music, students not only experience the joy and satisfaction of self-expression, but also develop essential life skills.

The Drew Robertson Studio trains independent student artists who consistently demonstrate both exemplary character and musical excellence.

Private Lesson Instruction

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In teaching individual lessons and group classes, the Drew Robertson Music Studio teaches the Suzuki Method of Talent Education, one of the most established, consistently excellent, and nurturing ways to learn an instrument.  Drew Robertson has received extensive training in the Suzuki Method, and strongly believes it is the ideal way to introduce young musicians to music.  Drew Robertson teaches private lessons on the violin or viola.

Group Class Instruction

As an introduction to string instruments and an integral part of the Suzuki Method, the Drew Robertson Music Studio offers group music classes for violin, viola, and 'cello.

Suzuki Group Classes

Group class is an essential part of the Suzuki Method, and group classes supplement and reinforce concepts from private lessons.  Each class is composed of the same instrument and involves students at approximately the same level of achievement.  Suzuki group classes are intensive; most class time is spent playing review pieces and developing group sound and perfecting technique.  Suzuki group class is a co-requisite with Suzuki private lessons.

Pre-Twinkle Group Classes

Pre-Twinkle group classes are the perfect introduction to string playing for children ages 3-10.  Classes are lively and exciting, with games and activities centered around holding the instrument and making a great sound.  Classes meet weekly for a semester and strong emphasis is placed on parent involvement and hands-on learning.  Pre-Twinkle group covers everything students need to begin in the Suzuki Method, and is a perfect introduction to the world of string playing for any child!

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Academic Studies

In addition to offering quality private lesson and group class instruction, The Drew Robertson Music Studio offers academic courses in Music History and Music Theory.  Drew has extensive teaching experience, and guides students through these fascinating subjects using the two most recognized and prestigious curricula in America.  The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program and College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) allow students in middle or high school to study music history or music theory at the college level.  At the end of the school year, students can take the final examination for college equivalency credit.

Developing Student Artists

Through every lesson, class, and performance, the Drew Robertson Music Studio develops the essential traits necessary to becoming a well-rounded musician and more noble person:


From the beginning of study, students develop performance skills that allow them to play advanced repertoire with precision, ease, and confidence.  With an intensive and rigorous conservatory and performance background, Drew has experienced the demands of intense teaching, auditions, and competition, and is committed to ensuring the success of students as they navigate the challenges of the musical world.


Students learn the how and why of Music.  Becoming a student artist requires understanding of many topics surrounding the art of playing an instrument.  Lessons and classes at the Drew Robertson Music Studio integrate music into all areas of life.  Students not only learn to play, they learn how physics, anatomy, history, theory, mathematics, psychology, and language converge through music.


Creativity and interpretation are essential to make music come alive.  Students discover how to improvise and compose music, and to widen their appreciation and experiences of music all around them.  At the Drew Robertson Music Studio, each student unlocks the tools to bring their own musical ideas to life and share them with the world.


Character education is an integral component to the Suzuki Method and to the Drew Robertson Music Studio.  Students learn to respect their parents, teacher, and other students, while becoming empowered through musical success.  Throughout their study, students develop their musical talents into artistry, and naturally become generous, confident, independent, and supportive of others.