The Strings Program at Holy Cross Academy

  • Open to Holy Cross Academy students grades 2-8

  • Classes meet weekly and perform a winter and spring concert each year.

  • Group classes are all fewer than 10 students so each student receives individual attention.

  • Home practice expectations are reasonable and students are given plenty of materials to build good practice habits.

  • Classes are open to students interested in playing violin, viola, or 'cello.

  • Tuition rates are very reasonable and scholarships are available for current or prospective students.

The strings program at Holy Cross Academy began in Fall of 2017 and currently has three classes of enthusiastic beginners.  Mr. Drew Robertson is an experienced violinist, violist, and Suzuki-trained teacher who employs a fun blend of Suzuki Method instruction, fiddling, seasonal tunes, and hilarious musical games to make every class exciting!

During the first year, students focus on how to hold their instrument, create a fantastic tone, perform as a group ensemble, and master foundational pieces from Suzuki Book 1 and a variety of fiddle and traditional sources.

Second year students will work on note reading, ensemble performance, learning the music for Mass, and mastering more challenging pieces.

The strings program at Holy Cross Academy is a great way to begin playing a string instrument!

2019-2020 Strings Scholarships!

If you are interested in applying for a music scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year, please download the application forms. There are separate applications for current and prospective students. Please carefully read all directions and submit your completed application to the Holy Cross Academy main office before Friday, May 10, 2019.

Current Working Repertoire

Class D

  • Catharsis

  • Wizard’s Walk

  • Perpetual Motion

  • Hatikvah (with shifting)

Class E

  • Long, Long Ago

  • Song of the Wind

  • Bile ‘em Cabbage Down

Combined Classes

  • Twinkle

  • Cluck Old Hen

Class A

  • Lightly Row

  • May Song

  • Bile ‘em Cabbage Down

  • “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”

Class B

  • Dancing Bear

  • O Come, Little Children

  • Andantino

  • Rounds/Duos

Class C

  • Bohemian Folk Song

  • New Rigged Ship

  • Canon from Mahler Symphony No. 1 (Frere Jacques)

IMPORTANT - Updated Class Schedule (updated 4/3/19)

Recordings & Resources

Class A (Beginning violins grade 4+)

Class B (Intermediate violins grade 3+)

Rounds TBA & Duet TBA

Class C (‘Cellos)

Class D (Intermediate-advanced violins grade 5+)

Class E (Beginning violins grade 2)

Combined Classes (All students)

I Can Read Music

This is a note-reading practice book. Students in intermediate classes are encouraged to read through five lessons in this book each week; first singing the note names aloud, then performing them on their instrument. There are different versions of this book for violin and ‘cello, so please practice the correct one!

Drew Robertson

Drew Robertson is an enthusiastic teacher invested in the success of the strings program at Holy Cross Academy.  To learn more about his teaching experience or send a message, please click the buttons below.

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