The Suzuki Method

Summary & Conclusion

in closing:

The Suzuki Method is simultaneously a philosophy of teaching, a collection of music organized to facilitate skill development, and a cohesive group of teaching techniques.  The goal of the Suzuki Method is, first and foremost, to develop, nurture, and empower noble human beings.  Through studying the Suzuki Method, students mature in their musical talents, and develop independence and a lifelong love for learning.

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What makes Suzuki different from other methods of music education?

  • The Suzuki approach believes musical ability can be developed in all children.
  • Students ideally begin studying the Suzuki Method at a young age.
  • Skill development and mastery are more important than progressing through pieces.
  • Parents are integral practice partners, and actively participate throughout the learning process.
  • Children develop a quality sound and become comfortable with their instrument before reading music.
  • Review and revision play a crucial role in learning; students maintain an ever-growing repertory.
  • Group class allows students to become comfortable performing, and develop social connections through music.

The philosophy and structure of the Suzuki Method develops the whole child.  Every parent wants to see their young one become skillful and successful, and studying the violin through the Suzuki Method is an incredible way to develop their limitless potential!

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