The Suzuki Method

Repertoire and Curriculum

A fundamental part of the Suzuki Method is a standard curriculum and musical selections, or repertoire.  The Suzuki Method for violin spans 10 volumes, beginning with Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and concluding with the Mozart Violin Concerti.  Not only do the Suzuki books provide students with excellent musical selections that are charming and appealing to students, they organize pieces and skills in a thoughtful way to develop mastery.


The Suzuki Method allows each student to develop a repertory of performance pieces.  This has incredible benefits, both when learning pieces for the first time and in developing skills for lifelong success:

  1. The Suzuki repertoire is organized to promote skill development.  Students are not only motivated to learn more advanced pieces, but to develop every piece to a high level.
  2. A standard Suzuki curriculum allows students to collaborate from the beginning of study.  Suzuki students can join in group classes, regional events and conferences, and summer Suzuki Institutes; participating in a global community of hundreds of thousands of students.
  3. The standard repertoire of the Suzuki method inspires students to continue learning.  Beginning students are inspired by performances of more advanced players, and advanced students support and encourage the development of beginners.
  4. Mastering a repertory of pieces means a Suzuki student is always ready to perform.  With frequent opportunities to play, Suzuki students discover performing for an audience is comfortable, satisfying, and fun.  Suzuki students become self-confident and independent not only in music, but in all areas of life.